The school has an active sports program. Students at Flagstaff campus participate in an annual athletics competition with students from Omeo Primary School, and they send teams to interschool sporting events. There is also a popular Active After School program, and the school hosts Auskick and Kanga Cricket. The Tambo campus has an active House Sports.

The school runs a house championship each year, where points earned in various sports accumulate to determine the annual winner. Events that count towards the final house totals are the House Swimming, House Athletics, Cross-Country, other intraschool Activities, and all individual and team interschool sports.

Other popular sports at the school include volleyball, tennis, netball, soccer, basketball, table tennis, squash, badminton and gymkhana. Many of our staff and students also compete in local weekend sports teams, including tennis, football, netball and golf. On the last day of each term there is a popular staff vs student match in a range of team sports.

House Swimming Carnival, 2008

Interschool Volleyball, 2008
House Competition:
The school has run the house competition for many years, however the official perpetual House Shield was inaugurated in the Year 2000. This was done as a result of a generous donation to the school from Mrs Fook of Melbourne following media coverage of difficulties in our area. Winners of the Shield in previous years have been:
2010: 1st. Wentworth, 3092pts 2nd. Dargo, 2637pts 3rd. Timbarra, 2175pts
2009: 1st. Wentworth, 4288pts 2nd. Timbarra, 3041pts 3rd. Dargo, 3037pts
2008: 1st. Dargo, 3130pts 2nd. Wentworth, 2419pts 3rd. Timbarra, 2324pts
2007: 1st. Dargo, 4014pts 2nd. Wentworth, 3487pts 3rd. Timbarra, 2554pts
2006: 1st. Dargo, 2942pts 2nd. Wentworth, 2874pts 3rd. Timbarra, 2318pts
2005: 1st. Wentworth, 2034pts 2nd. Timbarra, 1566pts 3rd. Dargo, 1528pts
2004: 1st. Timbarra, 1959pts 2nd. Wentworth, 1782pts 3rd. Dargo 1437pts
2003: 1st. Timbarra, 1962pts 2nd. Wentworth, 1937pts 3rd. Dargo 1311pts
2002: 1st. Wentworth, 2863pts 2nd. Timbarra, 2450pts 3rd. Dargo 1611pts
2001: 1st. Timbarra, 2947pts 2nd. Wentworth, 2812pts 3rd. Dargo, 2063pts
2000: 1st. Timbarra 2nd. Dargo 3rd. Wentworth
Sportsperson of the Year:
The Sportsperson of the Year was initiated in 2001 by then Sports Coordinator John O'Neill as a recognition of students who compete with a significant degree of success in a wide range of sports. The winner each year goes onto the perpetual Sportsperson of the Year Shield, with the top three students also receiving a trophy. Winners of the award in previous years have been:
2010: 1st. Bonnie Fitzpatrick (W), 407pts 2nd. Sarah O'Brien (D), 320pts 3rd. Benjamin Commins (W), 288pts
2009: 1st. Minka Appleby (D), 363pts 2nd. James Richardson (T), 351pts 3rd. Bonnie Fitzpatrick (W), 350pts
2008: 1st. Minka Appleby (D), 361pts 2nd. Danielle Ennis (D), 342pts 3rd. James Richardson (T), 310pts
2007: 1st. Danielle Ennis (D), 430pts 2nd. Jessica Hill (W), 404pts 3rd. Minka Appleby (D), 381pts
2006: 1st. Jessica Hill (W), 357pts 2nd. Danielle Ennis (D), 336pts 3rd. Laura Appleby (D), 277pts
2005: 1st. Jessica Hill (W), 367pts 2nd. Minka Appleby (D), 242pts 3rd. Martin Firus (D), 200pts
2004: 1st. Jessica Hill (W), 204pts 1st. Kristy Fenton (W), 204pts 3rd. Josh Froud (D), 194pts
2003: 1st. Kristy Fenton (W), 265pts 2nd. Kaila Johnson (T), 250pts 3rd. Martin Firus (D), 196pts
2002: 1st. James Lee (T), 196pts 2nd. Martin Firus (D), 174pts 3rd. Emma Gallagher (W), 153pts
2001: 1st. James Lee (T), 261pts 2nd. Susan Crisp (T), 220pts 3rd. Chris Nichols (T), 213pts